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Active Vacuum Unit & Valves


Active Vacuum Unit

The vacuum unit is designed to generate an elevated vacuum between user's liner and the socket to prevent pistoning movement and grip the stump firmly. To do this, there should be a sealed environment between user's liner and the socket. Once the environment is sealed, which is compressed and released during normal walking, the vacuum unit draws air from the socket through one-way valves and evacuates it through the pump. So vacuum unit, discharges the air in this sealed environment on every step of user. After multiple steps of the user, 15 in.Hg ( around 0.5 bar ) is created in the sealed socket environment.


Discharging the air between the socket and the liner on every step of user Prevents pistoning and keeps the prosthesis firmly on user. Absorbs high reaction forces of the ground ( Absorbs impact forces ) Increases comfort of the user Has free rotating connector to easily adjust air suction hose

Automatic Flat Rubber Valve

Automatic Flat Rubber Valve (VAC-200) Automatic one way valve With thump flap

Delrin Shuttle Lock

  • Available diameters for E72; Ø= 36mm , 50mm
  • The shuttle lock serves to secure a suitable liner in the prosthetic socket. The shuttle lock is laminated distally into the prosthetic socket.

E-73 Shuttle Lock

  • The Shuttle-Lock is used to connect the prosthetic socket of a transtibial or transfemoral prosthesis to the socket liner and is integrated into the laminated socket during the lamination process. A release button on the ratchet unit can be used to unlock the Pin from the Shuttle-Lock
  • Rotation secured lamination disc, 4-hole connection provides distally easy cleaning and replacing of complete locking unit


  • Expulsion Valve with a button
  • One way air discharge
  • Aluminum anodized body

Gel Liner Systems

  • Made from Medical Grade TPE Gel Material
  • The Gel Material used have been tested for biocompatibility according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and DIN EN ISO 10993-10.
  • Non-uniform Gel Thickness (3 mm Posterior and 6 mm Anterior).
  • With and without Distal Connector systems are available.

One-way Valve (VAC-300)

  • This valve enables the expulsion of excessive air out of the socket during stance phase and effectively prevents air from flowing in during swing phase
  • Consisting of: Valve body of anodized aluminum Exchangeable sealing lip valve Counter nut with o-ring Foam filter insert

Shuttle Locks

The Shuttle Lock is used to connect the liner to the modular prosthetic socket and provides connection to the distal section of the socket. The Pim enters the Shuttle slot and can be locked or unlocked via the locking pin of the locking mechanism.

Silicone Liner Systems

  • Made from Medical Grade Silicone Material.
  • The silicones used have been tested for biocompatibility according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and DIN EN ISO 10993-10.
  • High adhesion between liner and the skin.
  • Seamless Fabric Cover.
  • 3 mm uniform thickness.
  • 2 different fabric cover has been used on outside. The fabric cover around the distal end has special "matrix" which prevents vertical stretch thus prevents the "pistoning movement".
  • Perfect Pressure distribution.
  • Suitable for nearly all locking devices.