About Us

IB-ER has been established by Erol Eryilmaz in 1988 in Izmir, Turkey. The journey has begun with couple of machines and we’ve practiced in production of plastic injections and machining of the metal parts in a small workshop shop.

Through the first years of the company, we’ve directed our focus to production of the prosthetic and orthotic components. Over the time, we’ve gained experience and widen our product range with the expanding production line of machines.

IB-ER is currently operating with highest technology multiple axis CNC machines and computer aided autoclaves, together with experienced production team.

We are proudly distributing our product range through 40 countries all around the world, together with the quality management certificates of ISO13485:2016, ISO9001:2015 and fulfilling the requirements of Medical Device Regulation 2017/745.

Furthermore, IB-ER invests into new buildings and production line in Manisa City with up to 9000 square meter in-door factory area.

It’s the dedication that took us to this place over the years and we are glad to be part of this community who touches the people in need.

We determine to serve people with our care.

The IB-ER Team