Silicone Liner Systems



  • Made from Medical Grade Silicone Material.
  • The silicones used have been tested for biocompatibility according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and DIN EN ISO 10993-10.
  • High adhesion between liner and the skin.
  • Seamless Fabric Cover.
  • 3 mm uniform thickness.
  • 2 different fabric cover has been used on outside. The fabric cover around the distal end has special “matrix” which prevents vertical stretch thus prevents the “pistoning movement”.
  • Perfect Pressure distribution.
  • Suitable for nearly all locking devices.
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Silicone Liners with Distal Connector.

Code Color Distal Circumference
 SL-10-18 Grey  18 cm
SL-10-20 Grey  20 cm
 SL-10-21 Grey  21 cm
 SL-10-22 Grey  22 cm
 SL-10-23,5 Grey  23,5 cm
 SL-10-25 Grey  25 cm
SL-10-26,5 Grey 26,5 cm
SL-10-28 Grey 28 cm
SL-10-30 Grey 30 cm
SL-10-32 Grey 32 cm
SL-10-34 Grey 34 cm
SL-10-36 Grey 36 cm
SL-10-38 Grey 38 cm
SL-10-40 Grey 40 cm
SL-10-42 Grey 42 cm
SL-10-45 Grey 45 cm


Silicone Liners without Distal Connector.

Code Color Distal Circumference
SL-18 Grey 18 cm
SL-20 Grey 20 cm
SL-21 Grey 21 cm
 SL-22 Grey 22 cm
 SL-23,5 Grey 23,5 cm
 SL-25 Grey 25 cm
SL-26,5 Grey 26,5 cm
SL-28 Grey 28 cm
SL-30 Grey 30 cm
SL-32 Grey 32 cm
SL-34 Grey 34 cm
SL-36 Grey 36 cm
SL-38 Grey 38 cm