Gel Liner Systems



  • Made from Medical Grade TPE Gel Material
  • The Gel Material used have been tested for biocompatibility according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and DIN EN ISO 10993-10.
  • Non-uniform Gel Thickness (3 mm Posterior and 6 mm Anterior).
  • With and without Distal Connector systems are available.

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Gel Liner with Distal Connector

 Code  Size  Thickness
GL-S-6-10 S 6 mm to 3 mm
GL-M-6-10 M 6 mm to 3 mm
GL-L-6-10 L 6 mm to 3 mm
GL-XL-6-10 XL 6 mm to 3 mm


Gel Liner without Distal Connector.

 Code  Size  Thickness
GL-S-6 S 6 mm to 3 mm
GL-M-6 M 6 mm to 3 mm
GL-L-6 L 6 mm to 3 mm
GL-XL-6 XL 6 mm to 3 mm