Active Vacuum Unit & Valves


Active Vacuum Unit

The vacuum unit is designed to generate an elevated vacuum between user’s liner and the socket to prevent pistoning movement and grip the stump firmly. To do this, there should be a sealed environment between user’s liner and the socket. Once the environment is sealed, which is compressed and released during normal walking, the vacuum unit draws air from the socket through one-way valves and evacuates it through the pump. So vacuum unit, discharges the air in this sealed environment on every step of user. After multiple steps of the user, 15 in.Hg ( around 0.5 bar ) is created in the sealed socket environment.


Discharging the air between the socket and the liner on every step of user
Prevents pistoning and keeps the prosthesis firmly on user.
Absorbs high reaction forces of the ground ( Absorbs impact forces )
Increases comfort of the user
Has free rotating connector to easily adjust air suction hose

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Connection Type: Pyramid Receiver & Tube Clamp

 Code Material Weight Limit Tube Diameter
VAC-60-30 Aluminum 60 kg 30
VAC-75-30 Aluminum 75 kg 30
VAC-100-30 Aluminum 100 kg 30
VAC-125-34 Aluminum 125 kg 34


Connection Type: Pyramid Receiver & Pyramid Receiver

 Code Material Weight Limit  Connection Type
VAC-60-RR Aluminum 60 kg Receiver & Receiver
VAC-75-RR Aluminum 75 kg Receiver & Receiver
AC-100-RR Aluminum 100 kg Receiver & Receiver