Foot Shell


  • Specially produced by Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
  • Suitable for all type of IB-ER Prosthetic feet.
  • 60 Shore hardness.
  • Two different color options (Beige and Brown).
  • All Foot Shells comes with its connection cap!

Order Example

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Code Foot Size Heel Height Color Side
AS-23L/R 23 10mm Beige L/R
AS-24L/R 24 10mm Beige L/R
AS-25L/R 25 10mm Beige L/R
AS-26L/R 26 10mm Beige L/R
AS-27L/R 27 10mm Beige L/R
AS-28L/R 28 10mm Beige L/R
AS-29L/R 29 10mm Beige L/R
Code Foot Size Heel Height Color Side
AB-23L/R 23 10mm Brown L/R
AB-24L/R 24 10mm Brown L/R
AB-25L/R 25 10mm Brown L/R
AB-26L/R 26 10mm Brown L/R
AB-27L/R 27 10mm Brown L/R
AB-28L/R 28 10mm Brown L/R
AB-29L/R 29 10mm Brown L/R