Winged Foot



Winged foot is designed as a multi-functional foot with complete carbon fiber structure. It has two main plates, divided in two parts which allows +/- 10 degrees of inversion and eversion movements of the carbon foot. Also split main plate design of the foot provides +/- 5 degrees of the torsion of the pyramid section. For smoother gait cycle, there is an additional inner carbon plate to comfort during the stance phase, causing the main plate to flex till a particular point easily and prevents further loads.

3D-Printed rings together with carbon fibers

3D-Printed rings allows easily seat and cover for carbon fibers as well as reduces and distributes the stress of heel strike force by its pre-shaped structure and round corners.


* +/- 5 degrees Torsion of Pyramid
* +/- 10 degrees of Inversion and Eversion
* Multi-axial body
* Impact absorbtion by inner Plate
Wide body with to increase ground stability

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Technical Information

Target Users: Moderate impact, K3-K4 level patients
Stiffness Categories: 1 to 5
Connector Type: Titanium Male Pyramid
Max. Body weight: 120 kg
Size range: 23 to 29

Category Selection

 65 – 75 kg CAT-1
75 – 85 kg CAT-2
85 – 95 kg CAT-3
95 – 105 kg CAT-4
105 – 120 kg CAT-5

Impact Absorption

When load is placed on the toe, main carbon plate twists through C-shaped inner carbon plate. In this case, inner plate behaves like a shock absorber and shares the impact force with main plate. This movement also supports energy return to toe-off phase.

Data Table

 Product Name Winged Foot
 Sizes 23 to 29
Advised Activity Level K3-K4
 Max User Weight 120 Kg
Mean Product Lenght 110 mm
 Mean Product Weight 390 G
Available Foot Shell Color Beige & Brown

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