Short Foot



  • As seen by it’s name, Short profile design is suitable for users with long residual limbs.
  • Even having a Short profile, the foot provides energy return which is considerably high.
  • Short height structure enables to use additional components on top, such as active vacuum adapters and shock absorbers.
  • “3D-Printed Rings Technology” (Patent Pending) provides “Screw-less” connection of carbon plates at toe section. This provides smooth feeling and gait cycle for the user.
  • Suitable for K2-K3 level users.
  • Foot Shell is same for all foot types and available in all sizes.
  • Foot Shell should be ordered separately by its size and colour.

Order Example

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Body Weight Category
65 – 75 kg CAT-1
75 – 85 kg CAT-2
85 – 95 kg CAT-3
95 – 105 kg CAT-4
105 – 120 kg CAT-5

Data Table

Product Name Short Foot
Sizes 23 to 29
Advised Activity Level K2-K3
Max User Weight 120 Kg
Mean Product Lenght 50 mm
Mean Product Weight 350 Gr
Available Foot Shell Color Beige & Brown