Tube Clamp Adapters


  • One end with pyramid receiver
  • Other end with 30 mm diameter tube receiver
  • Tube clamp adapters are used as components for modular lower limb prostheses.Together with the tube adapter they connect the prosthetic foot to the proximal components. Adapter combinations allow for controlled angle and length adaptation in the sagittal and frontal plane as well as adjustment of inward and utward rotation.
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 Code  Material Weight Weight Limit
E 07s Stainless Steel 106 gr 100 kg
E 07s -134 kg Stainless Steel 114 gr 134 kg
E 07T Titanium 60 gr 100 kg
E 07T-134 kg Titanium 64 gr 134 kg
E 07Al Aluminum 76 gr 100 kg