4 Hole Adapter W/Fixed Pyramid


  • Used to connect different modular parts and socket attachment blocks
  • With pyramid and hole trough pyramid
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 Code  Material Weight Weight Limit
E 03s  Stainless Steel 93 gr 100 kg
E 03s-134 kg  Stainless Steel 118 gr 134 kg
E 03s-4  Stainless Steel 74 gr 100 kg
E 03s-4-134 kg  Stainless Steel 84 gr 134 kg
 Code  Material Weight Weight Limit
E 03T Titanium 56 gr 100 kg
E 03T-134 kg Titanium 70 gr 134 kg
E 03T-4 Titanium 46 gr 100 kg
E 03T-4-134 kg Titanium 60 gr 134 kg
 Code  Material Weight Weight Limit
E 03Al Aluminum 63 gr 100 kg

This Product has Aluminum body along with Titanium Pyramid