Single Axis Knee W/Manuel Lock


  • High stance phase stability
  • Rotation is available at the pyramid section
  • Rigid and safe locking mechanism
  • This Knee Joint is suitable for Prong connection for Disarticulation, Pyramid connection and M36 socket adapter connection
  • Can be unlocked without cable, with the hand click as well
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 Code  Material Weight Weight Limit
E 41 Aluminum 433 gr 100 kg
E 41-Adapter Aluminum 45 gr 100 kg
E 41-Pyramid Stainless Steel 84 gr 100 kg
E 41-Prong Con. Stainless Steel 95 gr 100 kg
E 41-One Prong Stainless Steel 140 gr 100 kg
E 41-Body Stainless Steel 220 gr 100 kg
E 41-Wire Stainless Steel 98 gr 100 kg
E 47 Aluminum 579 gr 100 kg