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Acve Vacuum Unit & Valves
Acve Vacuum Unit
The vacuum unit is designed to generate an elevated vacuum between user’s liner and the socket to prevent pistoning movement and grip the stump firmly. To do this, there should be a sealed environment between user’s liner and the socket. Once the environment is sealed, which is compressed and released during normal walking, the vacuum unit draws air from the socket through one-way valves and evacuates it through the pump. So vacuum unit, discharges the air in this sealed environment on every step of user. Aer mulple steps of the user, 15 in.Hg ( around 0.5 bar ) is created in the sealed socket environment.


  • Discharging the air between the socket and the liner on every step of user
  • Prevents pistoning and keeps the prosthesis firmly on user.
  • Absorbs high reacon forces of the ground ( Absorbs impact forces )
  • Increases comfort of the user
  • Has free rotang connector to easily adjust air sucon hose

Connecon Type: Pyramid Receiver & Tube Clamp

 CodeMaterialWeight LimitTube Diameter
VAC-60-30Aluminum60 kg30
VAC-75-30Aluminum75 kg30
VAC-100-30Aluminum100 kg30
VAC-125-34Aluminum125 kg34

Connecon Type: Pyramid Receiver & Pyramid Receiver

 CodeMaterialWeight LimitReceiver & Receiver
VAC-60-RRAluminum60 kgReceiver & Receiver
VAC-75-RRAluminum75 kgReceiver & Receiver
AC-100-RRAluminum100 kgReceiver & Receiver
Automac Flat Rubber Valve (VAC-200)
  • Automac one way valve
  • With thump flap
 Code Material Outside Diameter
VAC-200 Rubber 40 mm

Connecon Tube With Seat Ring

  • For valves having an outside diameter of 40 mm
     CodeMaterialOutside Diameter
    VAC-200-EXTRubber40 m
One-way Valve (VAC-300)
  • This valve enables the expulsion of excessive air out of the socket during stance phase and effecvely prevents air from flowing in during swing phase
  • Consisng of: Valve body of anodized aluminum Exchangeable sealing lip valve Counter nut with o-ring Foam filter insert
 Code Material Outside Diameter
VAC-300 Aluminum 25 mm


  • Expulsion Valve with a buon
  • One way air discharge
  • Aluminum anodized body
EPS-ValveAluminum body 10 gr