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Shule Locks

The Shule Lock is used to connect the liner to the modular prosthec socket and provides connecon to the distal secon of the
socket. The Pim enters the Shule slot and can be locked or unlocked via the locking pin of the locking mechanism.

 Code Material Weight Weight Limit
E 70-Body Aluminum 204 gr  125 kg
E 70-Kit Aluminum 284 gr  125 kg
E 70-09-Kit Aluminum 314 gr  125 kg
 Code Material Weight Weight Limit
E 71-Body Aluminum 230 gr  125 kg
E 71-Kit Aluminum 308 gr  125 kg
E 71-09-Kit Aluminum 333 gr  125 kg

Shule Lock

  • The Shule-Lock is used to connect the prosthec socket of a transbial or transfemoral prosthesis to the socket liner and is integrated into the laminated socket during the laminaon process. A release buon on the ratchet unit can be used to unlock
    the Pin from the Shule-Lock
  • Rotaon secured laminaon disc, 4-hole connecon provides distally easy cleaning and replacing of complete locking unit
 Code Material Weight Weight Limit
E 73-Disk Aluminum 78 gr 100 kg
 CodeMaterialWeightWeight Limit
E 73-BodyAluminum128 gr100 kg
 CodeMaterialWeightWeight Limit
E 73-KitAluminum254 gr100 kg
Shule Lock W/ Receiver
  • Available diameters for E72; Ø= 36mm , 50mm
  • The shule lock serves to secure a suitable liner in the prosthec socket. The shule lock is laminated distally into the prosthec socket.
  •  Code Material Weight Weight Limit
    E 72-36 Delrin 77 gr 100 kg
     CodeMaterialWeightWeight Limit
    E 72-50Delrin91 gr100 kg