Double Adapter

Product Range


Double Adapter Pyramid/Pyramid
  • The Double Adapters provide the connecon between two prosthec components with pyramid receiver
  •  Code  Material Weight Weight Limit
    E 18s Stainless Steel 134 gr 125 kg
    E 18T Titanium 77 gr 125 kg
    E 18Al Aluminum 75 gr 100 kg
  • E 18Al product has aluminum body along with tanium pyramid.
  • Double Adapter Pyramid/Receiver

    • The double adapter features a pyramid adapter and pyramid receiver. It serves as a connector between prosthec components. Proximal and distal angle adjustments are possible in the frontal and sagial planes.
     Code Height  Material Weight Weight Limit
    E 21s-32 32 mm Stainless Steel 105 gr 125 kg
    E 21s-34 34 mm Stainless Steel 108 gr 125 kg
    E 21s-45 45 mm Stainless Steel 124 gr 125 kg
    E 21s-60 60 mm Stainless Steel 165 gr 125 kg
    E 21s-75 75 mm Stainless Steel 178 gr 125 kg
     Code Height  Material Weight Weight Limit
    E 21T-32 32 mm Titanium 69 gr 125 kg
    E 21T-34 34 mm Titanium 70 gr 125 kg
    E 21T-45 45 mm Titanium 83 gr 125 kg
    E 21T-60 60 mm Titanium 100 gr 125 kg
    E 21T-75 75 mm Titanium 113 gr 125 kg