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  • FM-Foot provides smooth gait and cushion feeling to the
    low and moderate mobility level users.
  • FM-Foot has Aluminum adapter, which is lightweight and
  • Split-toe design allows the foot to adapt on uneven
  • Foam based heel secon, provides damping and cushion.
  • Plate of the FM-Foot is made by Carbon Fiber.
  • Size 23 to 26 have a weight limit of 100 Kg.
  • Size 27 to 28 have a weight limit of 120 Kg.

Category Selecon

Product Name FM-Foot
Sizes 23 to 28
Advised Acvity Level K1-K2
Max User Weight 120 Kg
Mean Product Lenght 70 mm
Mean Product Weight 310 Gr
Available Foot Shell Color Beige & Brown
Weight Limits “23 to 26” 100 Kg
Weight Limits “27 to 28” 120 Kg
  • Foot Shell is same for all foot types and available in all sizes.
  • Foot Shell should be ordered separately by its size and colour.

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